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Session Includes:
Up to 2 hour shoot
20 Edited Images
Content Creator
Session Includes:
Up to 2 hour shoot
25 Edited Images
1 Full HD Video
Unedited Images
Content Creator Plus
Session Includes:
Up to 3 hour shoot
35 Edited Images
2 Full HD Video
Unedited Images
Behind The Scenes
Ultimate Content Creator
Session Includes
Up to 3 hour shoot
50 Edited Images
3 Full HD Video
Unedited IMAGES and VIDEO
Onlyfans Promo
Behind The Scenes
Want more?
Video - $400
Unedited Photos - $500
Unedited Video - $500
Extra Photo edits - $25
Extra Shoot Hours- $200
Extra Friend to Shoot with - $300
ONLYFANS Promo ( 7k+ Subs) - Inbox @booktristanmanas on insta for info


  • Yes, I shoot clients who have never done a photoshoot before.
  • Yes, I also shoot Male clients.
  • I can provide posing and direction if needed.
  • You will need to Bring Your Own outfit to the shoot.
  • You can bring a friend or a helper if you like.
  • Hair and Makeup are NOT included. It’s best to go to a make-up artist that you’ve tried before. At least you know they will get it right on the day
  • I will also need a DEPOSIT to lock in the shoot.
  • Deposits are NON-refundable if the client cancels the shoot. If the client decides to reschedule a different date I will need a NEW deposit for the new date.
  • Location for the shoot can either be indoor or outdoor. The location will depend on the style of shoot you are after, outdoor shoot is obviously free unless it’s somewhere specific and there are costs involved. Indoor shoot is extra depending on where we are shooting unless you have somewhere you’ve organized yourself to shoot at.


Working with Tristan was not only extremely fun but also one of the best shoots I’ve ever done. His skill with everything from helping me pick out different looks, to directing me and helping me understand what his camera is seeing to the edits themselves made for my best-received photos of all time.

He manages to balance professional with art and fun and I can’t wait to shoot with him and Kirk again. I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone!

Holly Valentine

Shooting with Tristan has always been one of my favourite things. So much of how I model today and my confidence in front of the camera has come from him! I don’t know how he does it but the images of me that we produce have me saying to myself “I can’t believe that’s me!”


Creating stunning content that expresses empowerment within today's society is a skill Tristan Manas has mastered. My experience shooting with Tristan is memorable for many reasons, he sets a carefree vibe that allows you to get the most out of the shoot by simply having fun whilst feeling AMAZING as a unique individual. Having such a wonderful experience leads to stunning images that you will cherish forever!

Sheree Lynette

Tristan is my favourite photographer I’ve worked with to date! He is extremely professional and put me at ease from the moment he walked in the door. He gave me plenty of direction (which I desperately needed!) and instantly made me feel 100 times more confident in front of the camera.

He delivered the sexy pictures I was after along with some incredibly unique shots that seem more like artwork, which I’ll cherish forever. It was difficult to narrow down my choices to just over 40 edited photos - which is just amazing to get from one shoot! I can’t wait to shoot with Tristan again!

Paris Parker

I love shooting with Tristan! He is super nice, makes you feel comfortable and easy to work with! Helps you pose if you need the help and always respectful! ❤️ he’s very talented as well with editing which is a plus!

Jessica Weaver

When I shot with Tristan it was such a good experience! I had a great time shooting and he was a really nice person which made it a comfortable experience. Tristan has an awesome attitude and is a great photographer to work with!


I have shot with Tristan a couple of times now and both times was easy, fun and I felt comfortable the whole time. Whether you are new to shoots or have been doing them for a while he works with your strengths and helps with any weaknesses.

The turn around time from the raws to receiving edits is extremely fast and the edits are to a professional quality. I would high recommend Tristan to anyone wanting a shoot and I would definitely shoot with him again ☺️


Tristan is the most talented and professional photographers that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. The finished product is not only at the highest standard, he gives great direction and is considerate to the models needs too. After our shoots I would consider him to be more of a friend, and I would recommend him a million times over.

Mikayla Phoenix

Tristan Manas is such an amazing photographer and person. His professionalism makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk through the door. Put your trust in him and he will always capture that epic Mr Wednesday shot 🤩🍑

Melinda Sharp

My Photo Shoot with Tristan was so AWESOME! He is so respectful and kind. He really cares about making Models comfortable and it was one of my favorite Shoots of all time. He gives such good pointers.

I got back great content that helped my Social Media Following go up like crazy. I had so much fun and cannot wait to Shoot again.

Alicia Marie

I was super nervous to shoot with Tristan because all his images look like professional supermodels and I was a complete beginner, BUT he made me feel super comfortable and gave heaps of direction and feedback - so we not only had a blast shooting, but we made heaps of fire photos!

AJ Butters

Working with Tristan was such a fun, professional and comfortable experience. I’d recommend him to anyone, and the photos he produces are spectacular! You won’t be disappointed

Smile Chaser

Tristan is hands down one of the best and most professional photographer I have ever worked with. His works speak for itself. I cannot wait to shoot with him again!


Ayee Mackenzie from NYC. Originally from South America. Loved shooting w Tristan and his team. He has the best energy ( Love my Australians )
We created some dope shots, and I can’t wait to go to Oz to shoot again.

Mackenzie Zamb

I shot with Tristan while he was in Miami, although we had never met in person he made me feel extremely comfortable the entire day. I trusted his direction and vision completely and the photos are some of my favorites I’ve ever shot ! He’s artistic, respectful, and the edits came back to me sooner than I expected. I can’t wait to shoot with him again!

Vany Vicious

Tristan is an absolutely sensational photographer to work with. He is not only fun, friendly and down to earth, but also extremely professional, efficient and very knowledgeable on body types and the best posing and angles for them. He’ll make you feel comfortable and confident and on top of the world. I highly recommend his services, and I hope you love working with him as much as I do!

Coralea Jade

shooting with Tristan is amazing! He is very professional and made me feel so comfortable, beautiful and sexy of course! I love the environment he creates for his shoot it makes you really get in the mood to create the best photoshoot.

Fernanda Camargo

My experience with Tristan was great! He’s super professional & he doesn’t waste any time. He knows the shot he wants, gets it and keeps it moving. The experience after the shoot is great too! He delivers tons of edits in a short amount of time and he’s great at communicating! Definitely would recommend him as a photographer 🙏🏼👍🏼

Desy Gato

Tristan is amazing to work with. A lot of direction is given with every shoot. utmost professionalism is a must for me which Tristan possesses
I certainly do (and have) recommended him to friends and models.

Erin Pash

I am a complete novice and have no idea what my best angle is. This was not an issue with Tristan, he gave me all the guidance I needed to get the best from our shoot. The only terrible part was having to pick my final images. Even our little “warm-up” pictures were brilliant. From start to finish a great experience and Tristan had my pictures to me within a few days. Highly recommend for any occasion and can’t wait for our next shoot!

Ava St. Clair

Tristan is my favourite photographer because he’s easy going, open minded, generous and I feel comfortable with him. He’s not intimidating or controlling but he will help you with posing and ideas for outfits and what looks good etc. He has a different eye as you can tell by his photos and isn’t like every other glamour photographer out there. I love his style as it’s never boring or repetitive. Karla love xo

Karla Love

Tristan is fantastic to work with. He is funny, made me instantly feel comfortable, and let me do my thing while still offering great photographic direction. I always get amazing shots from our shoots together and love how the final product always makes me feel more sexy and powerful than I thought possible. Have shot together twice now and would 100% shoot again!


I have worked with Tristan on two occasions and both shoots have been an absolute ball. Not only does Tristan create unique and flattering work, but he is also one of the most accepting and professional people I’ve worked with. If you want to feel sexy in a safe and professional environment, I would recommend Tristan hands down.

Cat Sefiro